USDA Organic Certified
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About Us

PureGreen Foods is our company and grew out of loss, grief and determination to find some answers.

We farmed for decades in a conventional manner using pesticides and insecticides. Then we witnessed the slow and painful deaths of our parents from cancer. We had more than a little doubt about the quality of our lives and the condition of our bodies at that point. We began a mission to consider each food item, its source, and its effect on our health. Then synchronicity stepped in and several things happened. We discovered wheat grass, and read with enthusiasm the scientific findings published at the beginning of the organic movement.  We learned that green foods contain an abundance of vitamins, minerals, plant based protein and chemicals that aid in boosting the immune system and help in a multitude of intricate functions of the organs of the body, improving the condition of the blood and cell exchange, as well as boosting energy. The restorative and healing possibilities excited us. We also found an organic wheat farm in the north that could supply our needs and the needs of thousands of others on a consistent basis. We put together a processing method that would give us granules, as granules mix well in a variety of liquids. That is when, finally, PureGreen Foods came into being.

We now grow, harvest, and process our own USDA and Kosher certified organic alfalfa and cereal greens in the mid-west! We take pride in our production and love the ability to help others lead healthier lives. We are pleased to sell a superior product we love and use ourselves at an affordable price.

Thank you for reading about us, and please pass on our web site information to your friends.